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TECH: Technology, Software and All Things I.T.

The Art of Writing Beautiful Programming Code

In the vast landscape of art and design, beauty often dwells in the intersection of form and function. Philosophers and artists alike have long debated the definition of beauty, with many concluding that it’s an amalgamation of unity, proportion, and harmony. But can this classical definition of beauty be applied to the more structured and …

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What is Information? And What are ITs Metaphysical Consequences?

The answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything, according to Douglas Adams’ science fiction work “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” is “42.” In the story, after a supercomputer named Deep Thought computes for 7.5 million years to determine the answer to the ultimate question, it comes up with the seemingly arbitrary number 42, highlighting the absurdity and complexity of such a quest.

FAMILY: Parenting with Love, Humor and the Gospel

2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Looking back on last year’s resolutions, I am tempted to simply link to that post and be done. My resolutions for this year are largely the same. The reason I enjoy making resolutions every year is that I don’t like the idea of staying the same. Christians are called to live a life of sanctification, …

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Feed Fosters – Breakfast with Santa

For the week of October 17-22, 2022, my wife and I are excited to participate in a book drive and fundraiser to benefit local foster children!

A Reading List for 2022

In my post on New Year’s Resolutions this past Monday, I included a section on reading.

VBS vs. The Local Church

I recently opened my front door to find a flyer from one of the local churches advertising their upcoming VBS (Vacation Bible School).

FAITH: Reforming All of Life

Lead On, O King Eternal

Lead On, O King Eternal Hymn written by Ernest W. Shurtleff in 1887. Lead on, O King eternal,the day of march has come;henceforth in fields of conquestyour tents will be our home.Through days of preparationyour grace has made us strong;and now, O King eternal,we lift our battle song. Lead on, O King eternal,till sin’s fierce …

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AI Comes Out as Gay for Pride Month

For this year’s Pride Month, I decided I would begin making posts celebrating traditional family values (and composition).

A Battle Cry for Pride Month

Here we are again in June, and we are not surprised that Satan and his minions have PRIDEfully come out to play.

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